Conference date and location: 22-24 October, 2012, Boulder, Colorado, USA
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Partners and Sponsors

SIGACCESS offers partnership opportunities to external organizations in conjunction with the its ASSETS conference.

Each partner organization provides $1000 of support for the ASSETS conference. In exchange, their organization's logo and name will appear on the conference web site, highlighting them as a partner. One representative of the organization will be able to attend the conference. In addition, they will be provided with space in the registration/break food area for a 4' x 4' poster highlighting their organization and its interest in accessibility. This poster will provide a space where they will be able to meet with and talk to ASSETS attendees. (The conference will provide the space, but the partner organization must provide all display materials).

Organizations that provide substantial in-kind support to the conference may also be granted partner status as described above; however, a complimentary conference registration would not be included.

For further information on having your company or organization become an ASSETS 2012 Partner, please contact the ASSETS 2012 Logistics Chair Barbara Morris.

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